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Rubik's Cube




These notes assume you have some familiarity with solving the cube, or at least attempting to do so.


  1. F = Front (facing you, opposite of back)
  2. U = Up (top)
  3. L = Left
  4. R = Right
  5. D = Down (bottom)


  1. X = Turn face cockwise
  2. X' = Turn face counterclockwise


  1. Top Cross: Choose a "main" color and complete the appropriate cross. Invert a cross hand by doing this once:
    F' U L' U'

  2. Top Corners: Get any appropriate corner piece under where it belongs. Repeat the following until correct:
    R' D' R D

  3. The Waistline: Flip the cube over. Find pieces that do not have any of the up-facing color (opposite to main). Knock these pieces down-left or down-right using by doing one of:
    Rht: U R U' R' U' F' U F
    Lft: U' L' U L U F U' F'

  4. Bottom Cross: The following algorithm will eventually land at the "bottom cross". It might take a few tries:
    F R U R' U' F'

  5. Fix Bottom Cross: The bottom cross may look correct from the top but probably not from the sides. Rotate the cross so that the right and back sides are correct while the left and front pieces need swapping. Then do:
    R U R' U R U U R' U

  6. Permute Bottom Corners: The cube is still flipped upside down, so the "bottom" corners are actually facing upward. Look at the cube and find a bottom corner that is already in the correct position, even if the orientation is correct. Hold the cube with that corner at your front-right. Permutate the three other corners using:
    U R U' L' U R' U' L

  7. Final: Flip the cube over so the top is the top again. It seems like the last step destroys everything, but trust the process. Do the algorithm from step 2 until the front-right corner is correct. Rotate only the top layer and repeat:
    R' D' R D