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Real Progress has Halted



Here we are, 2010. When we were kids, back in the '60s, the vision of the future was very Jetsons-like. You weren't gonna be driving a car, you were gonna be using a hovercraft. You were gonna be flying your car. And if you look at the vision of the future, what it was gonna be like in 2010, we are so fucking far away from that. We're not even close. And the only guy who's come close to inventing cool stuff, that it was supposed to be like, when we were kids, is that fuckin' Steve Jobs over at Apple, because he invented the iPhone - changed the whole phone, the whole deal - and he's got this iPad and all that, and it at least comes close to lookin' like what we were supposed to have in the future. He's the only one.

- Howard Stern

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